Campaign to support gay and lesbian MPs launched ahead of NSW Election

OUT FOR is proud to announce the launch of their website and contribution platform where you can find updates pertaining to both OUT FOR and the candidates we are supporting. As the March 28 NSW State Election grows closer, OUT FOR is building support for those candidates who champion our key causes which effect the LGBTI community.

OUT FOR actively campaigns and raises funds to elect candidates who support the goals and aims of equal rights for the LGBTI community. OUT FOR also helps educate and mitigate concerns of the LGBTI community such as suicide, bullying, workplace equal rights, homophobia, marriage equality, HIV education and prevention, and homelessness. These important issues need to be addressed now and we need your assistance in making this happen.

Leading up to the 2015 NSW State Election OUT FOR aims to provide campaign support to Independent MP Alex Greenwich, Labor MLC Penny Sharpe, and Liberal MP Bruce Notley-Smith. We will also work with the candidates post election to maintain the necessary fervour in our key causes needed to make real legislative difference. MP Alex Greenwich spoke of the importance of OUT FOR, "We need more LGBTI MPs throughout Parliaments State and Federal. NSW has proven what can be achieved when gay and lesbian MPs work together across political lines to progress important reforms including marriage equality and anti-discrimination.”

“Paul and Andrew are to be congratulated for initiating OUT FOR. It’s so important that our community gets behind the LGBTI candidates who have demonstrated that they are willing to fight for the issues that are important to us. It doesn’t matter what the candidate’s political stripes are; if they are effective in bringing about legislative change to our benefit, and are able to work across party lines to achieve this, then they should be supported,” said MP Bruce Notley-Smith.

The LGBTI community is rallying around OUT FOR and its mission. Rodney Croome, the National Director of Marriage Equality and Tasmanian of the Year 2015, said, “As a closeted gay teenager in Tasmania in the 1980s it was literally lifesaving for me to have Australia's first openly gay parliamentarian, Bob Brown, as a role model. He showed me that I could be gay and make a positive contribution to public life. This is why I support OUT FOR. By supporting today's LGBTI leaders it is helping to inspire the LGBTI leaders of tomorrow.”

Justin Koonin, Convenor of the Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby had this to say about OUT FOR, “We are fortunate to work with Members of Parliament from across the political spectrum who actively advocate for LGBTI rights. We look forward to collaborating with organisations and candidates, in the Parliamentary term ahead, who share our vision for a just and inclusive society.”

OUT FOR will soon host a launch event, co-founder Andrew Wolfson believes that by “Encouraging the LGBTI community, and their friends and families, to become a part of the OUT FOR movement we can contribute to a better, more equal and inclusive Australia.”

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