Rodney Croome
Tasmanian Gay Activist, Rodney Croome

Doma and Prop 8 were ruled as unconstitutional in Supreme Court

Australian marriage equality advocates are over-joyed that the US Supreme Court ruled in favour of the reform just hours after Kevin Rudd was elected Labor leader and is set to become the first Australian Prime Minister to support marriage equality.

Australian Marriage Equality national director, Rodney Croome, said,

“The US Supreme Court’s decision sends a direct message to Australian politicians that our law against same-sex marriage violates basic principles of equality and fair treatment and must be removed.

“The majority of Australians who support marriage equality have two great reasons to celebrate today.”

The US Supreme Court has struck down a law preventing the U.S. federal government from recognising same-sex marriages from those states that allow them and allowed same-sex marriages to resume in California.

Mr Croome said the decision has no immediate legal ramifications for Australia because there is no right to equality in the Australian Constitution, but he says it “sends a powerful message”.

“If and when the Australian High Court considers the constitutionality of a federal or state same-sex marriage law, the US Supreme Court decisions will provide an important precedent.”

“Meanwhile, the discrimination in Australia’s Marriage Act looks increasingly anachronistic now the Court has, in its own words, ‘rejected many of the justifications for treating same-sex and heterosexual couples differently’.”

Mr Croome went on to say,

“With Kevin Rudd set to become Australia’s first Prime Minister to support marriage equality a new chapter in the Australian marriage equality debate has opened.”

“As we have seen in the US, New Zealand, France and Britain, such high-level leadership is crucial to achieving this important reform.”

“Kevin Rudd’s support for marriage equality will be a key point of difference with Tony Abbott, increasing pressure in Mr Abbott to allow a conscience vote and bringing marriage equality to the centre of the federal election campaign.”

“The majority of Australians who support marriage equality have two great reasons to celebrate today.”