Cyper Bullying Beyondblue is urging all Australians to put a stop to bullying saying if you see bullying you should call it.

beyondblue CEO Kate Carnell AO has come out in support of the National Day of Action Against Bullying and Violence and asked all Australians to think about how they can take action. Ms Carnell said people should follow the mantra of “If you see it, call it” to ensure bullies everywhere know their behaviour is unacceptable.

The National Day of Action Against Bullying and Violence is organised by Australian education authorities and will see schools across the country participate to strengthen the message that bullying and violence are never ok.

Ms Carnell said the growing popularity of social media had led to a rise in cyberbullying, which means people can even be targeted in their homes where they should feel safe.

Beyondblue has developed a cyberbullying fact sheet, which is accessible from or by calling 1300 22 4636. This is an excellent resource for people who may be experiencing cyberbullying or who may know someone who is. It contains information about what cyberbullying is, along with advice on stopping it and how to avoid being part of the cyberbullying cycle.

People have a responsibility to report any cyberbullying they see on social media and it’s not difficult to do. Being cyberbullied can leave you feeling defeated, worthless, helpless and overwhelmed, but with proper guidance and support, you can counteract it and deny the bullies any satisfaction they may derive from their discriminatory actions. Cyberbullying, just like any form of bullying, is unacceptable and if you see it, call it

On a Facebook page, for example, click the cog, which is often near the like or message button, scroll down to “report page” and choose the reason why you want it reported. It only takes a minute and you could help prevent real harm to the person targeted. “It’s not acceptable at school or work in the physical world, so why should you stand for it online?

Ms Carnell said if people did not take a stand against bullying, it could reinforce the idea that such behaviour is ok. “It doesn’t matter if it’s in the workplace, at school or online, any form of bullying is unacceptable.

“Bullying is a major cause of stress which, if it continues for a long-time, can lead to depression and anxiety. “It can do real damage to people’s lives which is why we all have a responsibility to speak up and stop it where we can.

“I ask everyone to be on the lookout for it and to have the courage to call it.”

For help call the beyondblue support service on 1300 22 4636