Amber Heard And Tilly Lawless
Amber Heard And Tilly Lawless

Everything in the world makes sense, because of course femme queer crush Amber Heard is mates with queer sex worker and activist, Tilly Lawless.

Sometimes the universe just provides us with exactly what we need. And what we needed today was an image giving us the welcome news that queer Sydney sex worker and outspoken sex worker rights activist, Tilly Lawless, is pals with our long-time Hollywood love, bisexual actress Amber Heard.

Heard, of course, was in the media incessantly last year due to her split with her then-husband, Johnny Depp. Heard accused Depp of domestic violence, and, despite the year being 2016, was largely met with the usual victim-blaming narrative. Since then, she has become a vocal advocate for domestic abuse survivors, penning op-eds about the need to de-normalize domestic violence and abuse.

Lawless started the social media movement #facesofprostitution to provide the sex work industry with a human face, thereby reminding society that sex workers are people too, with rights. She also posts regularly on Instagram, and writes deeply personal captions, documenting her life with poetic frankness, and bringing attention to the plight of sex workers and queer women, especially.

Lawless posted a photo of herself with Heard at a restaurant on the Gold Coast, writing, “Getting to know Amber – who I have admired for her openness about her sexuality, the fact that she was pretty much the only visible femme woman to me as I was growing up, her fortitude in the face of great trauma & a media witch hunt, & for using her platform to fight the good fight – has been life-affirming in so many ways, as it always is when you meet a kindred spirit.. P.S. Happy birthday for yesterday Amber.”

The love is real. Here’s to women supporting women, and to the importance of queer friendships all around the world!