Little Wise - Sweet Rain Falling EPSolidifying Australian folk, Little Wise‘s latest offering is one for the music collection.

It’s been some years since the Folk sound of bands like ‘The Waifs’ has piqued my interest.  For this writer, Little Wises’ EP Sweet Little Rain is a journey back to a time where nowadays you find yourself sometimes wishing “life could be simpler”.  To a time, where it was this music that spoke to you on a level where you truly believed every song was a story about your life.

Little Wise is led by Melbourne based singer-songwriter Sophie Klein, joined by Megan Bernard on electric guitar and backing vocals.  The lead track “My Pocket” eases you into the EP and the folk genre with open arms and a sense of warmth.  Whilst the lyrics and Klein’s vocals are driven with a sense of vulnerability, the track itself is complex courtesy of a collaboration with producer Kalju Tonuma.  It has intricate lap steel lines and additional rhythm and drums from BJ Barker and electric bass from Daniel Hobson.

“Let You In” is a subtle track about understanding and acceptance, with clever use of the instrumentals to create a perfect mood for the story to unfold.  “Look Up” changes focus and tempo slightly to create a sense of promise and whimsy.

Heading into the second half of the EP, “Light, It Shines” offers a sombre use of guitar, which evokes a sense of helplessness.  Closing with “Seed In The Wind” the banjo trickles through the melody, whilst vocals float through each verse into the upbeat chorus.  Keep listening at the end for a surprise outro track of a little spontaneous eastern-fusion jam between Bernard, Klein and Tonuma.

An entirely independent EP, Sweet Rain Falling was recorded primarily in makeshift home studios across Victoria (Australia) and is a testament to the great work independent artists are creating and putting out into the music community.  If you are a lover of Australian folk music, or if you want to get to know this genre, then this EP is well worth a listen.

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