Cover for the light Between Anna Rose
Cover for the light Between, Anna Rose

New York-based singer, songwriter, and musician, Anna Rose, releases the official music video for ‘Broken Is Beautiful’,  a highlight track from her critically acclaimed new album The Light Between

“Broken Is Beautiful” encapsulates what makes Rose such a heartfelt performer: intimate lyrics, fierce vocal delivery, and authentic, soulful melodies.

“Broken Is Beautiful” was directed by Rose’s longtime friend and long time collaborator Shruti Ganguly. This is the third video the two have collaborated on together and it is certainly the most personal.

“The lyrics of ‘Broken Is Beautiful’ dig into the notion of how our accumulated pain/challenges ultimately make us who we are – and there is some reconciliation because of it,” says Ganguly. “For the concept, I wanted to work with Anna and the women in her family. It was a joy to work with her sister Nora, and mostly, her incredible mother who had been a professional dancer but hadn’t performed in decades.”

“The video for ‘Broken Is Beautiful’ is very special to me because it features two of the most important women in my life – my mom and sister,” states Rose. “To have them be a part of telling this story and to film it in a place that holds so many memories feels incredibly cathartic.

As women, I think we often fight these silent battles within ourselves: the magic we inherently possess that drives us towards our passions versus the societal markers that we are held up against. At any age, that internal struggle can become a deep well of insecurity and I’m so grateful to have my family help tell this story.

Beyond that, having my dear friend and collaborator Shruti direct and produce only adds to the magic, as she and I have so much trust between us after years of working together.”

“Throughout a time of deep turmoil and sadness, I found myself in Nashville a lot, writing not just for myself but for other artists and for film and television. That city slowly began to really feel like home.

Working there, making art there… really helped me heal a lot of the wounds that I had collected along the way in my life,” shares Rose. “I’m eternally grateful to the city of Nashville for opening their arms to me. As a bit of an outsider, it gave me a place where I felt like I belonged for the first time really…ever.”