For those who knew me as I was in the U.S. you know that I always had a three-year plan, if not a five-year life plan. Future plans were not to be fucked with. Mine were always delicately planned and thoroughly researched. Although coming to India might have seemed crazy and irresponsible to some, it was actually an essential part of the 5-year plan to get into public health school and begin working in the public health field.

After 5 months in India something has rubbed off on me. I hate to say it, but I’ve had the cliché ‘come-to-India-and-have-a-life-altering-experience’ experience. It gets me mad, because I routinely make fun of the hippie back-packer types who come to India in search of an ashram, guru, and spiritual enlightenment or life-altering experience. For the 1st time ever I have no plan for the future other than going back to New York. For hours I think about what I want to do, but what keeps coming up is feeling that everything is bullshit and that nothing matters.

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