There is an incredible number of productions to check out, here’s a few.

Theater in NYC this fall has been absolutely exploding. There are an incredible number of productions — both large and small — that you should have (they’re closed, sorry!) or should check out! 


Sweet Sweet Spirit

It’s not often that a distinctly gay-themed Southern tale comes to the NYC stage. This past October playwright Carol Carpenter did just that by weaving together a story that questions family values and modern community. The crux: A grandmother must help decide the fate of her gay grandson, who was the victim of a hate crime committed by his own father. The play was presented by Manhattan Theater Works in association with the Theater Series at the 14th Street Y, directed by Joan Kane. 


BAM Next Wave Festival 

Holy moly! Every single offering is delicious, at least for off-beat-theater lovers and I suspect that’s a lot of you out there.


Last month I wrote about the mind-blowing staging of Samuel Beckett’s solo works by Lisa Dwan (

Here’s one other piece that was worth checking out:


Salt of the Earth by PuppetCinema

The tale starts with salt. One thousand pounds of salt are poured into various shapes to create city and streetscapes in which a puppet navigates during the story. The scale is amplified with beautiful live filmmaking that is projected onto a large screen. The protagonist speaks about how he escaped a military coup and the puppet brings his words to life. It was a poetically beautiful narrative that describes a horrific fictional situation that sits close to current events in the Middle East. 


The festival runs until December 20th — check any of the upcoming shows! They will not disappoint!



Speakeasy Dollhouse

You’ve probably heard of Sleep No More, the immersive play during which you follow many characters in MacBeth through a converted hotel Did you know that an even more immersive experience exists — and even more exciting, at an undisclosed location? Visitors to Speakeasy Dollhouse receive the address only days before the performance and are active participants in a theatrical journey that brings shivers. Performances are monthly so make sure to get your tickets early.