Are you tired of the stereotype that all gays and lesbians are wealthy? Check out the new San Francisco event, Beyond Survival.

Let’s face it: the myth that gays and lesbians are all wealthy because they are all highly-educated, high-earning urban hipsters with double incomes and no kids is a myth. Many of us—especially lesbians and trans people—live below the poverty line and 1 in 3 of us will end our days in poverty. Cities like San Francisco, while also being magnets for LGBT people, are increasingly unaffordable when it comes to housing. The economic landscape in the San Francisco Bay Area is increasingly challenging and some studies show that it is even less affordable than metropolitan centers such as New York City.

The rising cost of survival continues to impact the LGBT community, affecting us especially in the areas of employment and housing. But these issues are soon to receive a new focus from an important community event.

Themed "Beyond Survival," the LGBTQ Economic Justice Week will foster the dialogue needed to map the road ahead, while providing comprehensive workshops, services and key resources.

"The stereotype of LGBT affluence is quickly dispelled when we observe that 29% of the homeless in SF identify as LGBTQ, one of many sobering statistics. Despite great need, there's a gap in access to resources," said Clair Farley, Associate Director of Economic Development. "Asset building services with linkage to city partners are the base of the solution; dialogue and community engagement is what will help get us there."  

Held from October 19 to 25, the LGBTQ Economic Justice Week will include a Town Hall to voice the community's concerns and a think tank for moving forward. There will also be a LGBT Career Fair (10/22 from 12-3pm) to assist with employment issues.