With a bit of planning, you can experience the best of Stockholm on the go

The Swedish capital is a remarkable place in many ways. Sure, it’s one of Europe’s best-preserved cities, it’s home to some of the most progressive and open-minded heads anywhere in the world and it also ranks as the largest capital in all of Scandinavia (no big deal though).

But in spite of its comparatively large size, Stockholm remains exceptionally walkable – to the great delight of our feet!

There are, of course, many walking routes around town and you could easily spend a week roaming around the romantic alleys and grand boulevards of Sweden’s first city. But if you’ve only got a day, hop into those comfy trainers of yours and follow our favourite trail around the historic centre!

Nordic Light Hotel

This stylish hotel is so conveniently located, you could stumble out of any one of its exits and find yourself in the hustle and bustle of modern Stockholm. A great starting point for virtually any journey around the capital, what makes Nordic Light an especially adequate choice for wayfaring femmes is its impressive breakfast buffet – there’s no shame in stocking up on calories before a big walk, right?

Indulge in a protein-packed meal (hello, granola section) and fresh, tropical fruits from all over the world for a sustained energy kick before heading out towards the pretty shoreline of Stockholm’s Norrmalm district. From here, it’s only a stone’s throw to your first destination!

The Royal Palace

Now step onto Vasabron Bridge and look left. See that monumental structure over there? That’s Sweden’s Royal Palace. At more than 600 rooms, the palace’s interior is arguably a walker’s dream, though some areas of the regal residence remain off-limits for tourists (we wouldn’t want strangers walking around our kitchen either!).

Among the palace’s many accessible highlights, however, is the fabled silver throne of Sweden’s 17th century lesbian Queen Kristina; needless to say, this one’s a must for any LGBT lady and you’ll most likely recognise the shiny chair from any travel brochure. A word of wisdom if first symptoms of fatigue should hit at this stage: don’t try sitting on the throne. Just saying.

StandOut Travel Walking Tour

Love walking so much, you could do it for a living? Well, that’s exactly what the friendly folks of StandOut Travel, Sweden’s first dedicated LGBT travel agency, thought to themselves. StandOut have several walking tours for owners of happy feet on their menu, though seeing the Royal Palace sits on the edge of Stockholm’s old town, the ‘Gamla Stan’, we recommend joining their walk around the city’s historic core!

You could either join a two-hour public tour at 10 am, or have them arrange a private, bespoke walk following your morning visit to the palace. Either way, be prepared for some serious shenanigans – these guys are a walking joke (you know what we mean)!


After all that marching, you’ve earned yourself a treat and if you’re anything like us, you’ll be a sweet treat kind of gal. May we suggest a final leg to Östermalm-based fine-dining restaurant Teatergrillen?

One of the most atmospheric establishments in all of Stockholm, Teatergrillen boasts an enviable menu of delicacies, though we’d happily just eat away at its mouth-watering desserts – from lemon sorbet with vodka to cardamom baked rhubarb with pistachio nuts (no, we didn’t just make that up).

This is Stockholm’s ultimate destination for indulgent foodies and you don’t need to feel bad about the gluttony: just go for an extra spin around the Gamla Stan on your way back to Nordic Light!