Advance-Happy-New-Year-2016-ImageHighlights of 2015’s Long-Lived Lesbians column.

The first full year of Long-Lived Lesbians column in 2015 has included some amazing interviews, a guest columnist, and some rich discussions and feedback from you readers. Here’s an overview of LLL’s 2015, with links:

Our first featured filmmaker, Pam Walton, talked to LLL about her career as a documentarian.

Valentine’s Day 2015 saw our longest multi-part column ever, featuring questions about love and an interview,“Falling in Love at 70”.

We had our first travel-book review and an interview with the nephew of the deceased author, Marilyn Berman.

The historic SCOTUS decision in June 2015 was a win for love, but for some of us it came too late, while the last Michfest was a source of sadness for many long-lived (and other) lesbians.

Around the time that many of my friends were upgrading to the latest iPhone, I finally faced my fears of online magazine reading, and did a self-help guide to getting past paper and into electrons.

In 2015 we waxed philosophical, featuring opinion pieces on current events and not-so-current ones. Guest writer Sharon McDonnell asked, “Do We Still Need Lesbian Spaces?” and we considered the perennial question of how to define “lesbian.”

And after the Paris attacks, LLL scooped Barack Obama by publicly saying “Nous Sommes Tous Francais” (“We are all French”) a week or so before the president did.

Finally, LLL (actually I myself, not the entire column) took its first field trip, flying from Florida (home of zillions of LLLs) to Vancouver, Canada, to join the LLL conference called BOLDfest. Though diagonally opposite in a geographic sense, we found lots in common. LLL hopes to attend BOLDfest again Labor Day 2016.

In 2016, I’ll be looking for more guest columnists. Let me know if you’ve got a great idea for an interview or a commentary/editorial you’d like to share. No writing experience necessary – but passion, intelligence, and strong opinions welcome.

Thank you for reading and for sharing your thoughts in online comments and emails. Please tell me know what you liked in 2015 and what you’d like more of in 2015. Do you want more scholarsor artists? More philosophizing, more money advice, more romantic memoirs or sexy suggestions?