Without worrying about your children after you leave.

Vicky and I realized we hadn’t left our two children for an overnight vacation in 12 months.

We used to be much better at getting away and having dates. But when our youngest was born, we were away from our eldest for three nights in the hospital.

We were imagining he was traumatized by this “disappearance” (even though Vicky saw him daily) because every time someone has come to visit since, he asks if we are leaving.

Once we realized he had stopped bringing it up, it was time to plan an adventure.

Happily four friends were getting married. Not like in a big gay version of Shakespearean theater. Two weddings, one weekend.

I know, you’re thinking the same thing I was: our life had suddenly become Kathryn Heigl’s (27 Dresses). No, more like Superman in his phone booth.

To our great delight, as we departed our eldest smiled and ate his snack. He didn't even get up from his seat.

I’d like to think we are as super-powerful at parenting as Superman is at…well, everything else. But let’s just say that isn’t true: I came up with this list below. Firstly, as a reminder for myself (hey, you can’t Pinterest everything) and secondly,  in case you ever face the same dilemma. (Because, Girls: you need to get away.)

3 Ways to Ensure Your Kids Have a Great Time When You Go Away  

1. Get people more fun than you to take care of your kids.

It could be grandparents or friends with similar-aged children (you can do it back for them: tradesies!). Encourage them to upstage you! (Take them for ice cream, set up amazing crafts your kids have never done, go to a new place, anything new and out of the ordinary will work.)

2. Start the car before you say goodbye.

(If a tree falls in the woods does it make a sound?)

3. Don't let them watch the movie Frozen. Ever.

You remember how I felt about that one, I'm sure. 

The result of our whirlwind night away? We had an amazing time and returned completely rejuvenated.

Even better, the boys built deeper relationships with their grandparents and seemed to have as good a weekend as we had.

About the Author:

Alysha Dominico is a Canadian lesbian mompreneur. Find out more about her work at alyshadominico.com

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