Even though the Birthday Anti-Gay Invite was a sham -hate toward gays still exists.

I think it was horrible that a Radio show put on a hoax about a ‘fictional gay male parents invite an anti-gay response from a mother’. How distasteful to evoke such emotions in people, especially in regards to fictional children. There should certainly be consequences for these actions for these broadcasters. Even though this new station’s intention was to stir up controversy to ultimately ‘Help’ the gay community–it is extremely important to not stoop to the level of your advisories in doing so.
Two wrongs don’t make a right–especially in fighting for human rights. It is important people see the gay population as everyone else. When you see gay parades it is indeed a marked celebration of pride in overcoming oppression and a peaceful advocating for still the long road/ fight for equality for gays–not to be different–but in a fight to be the same.
Even though this was a terrible hoax–truth be told, it most certainly could’ve been real, citing the numerous Duck Dynasty fans out there, bigoted individuals–or extreme religious conservatives who continue to discriminate against the gay population.
Even though America is growing in leaps and bounds as far as gay rights–still more than half of the states in this country are against gay marriage or even civil unions.
But even more disturbing than ever is when I open the newspaper to find countries in the world such as Nigeria, Uganda and most publically Russia who incarcerate gay people or even anyone who advocates for them– or even those who pass around any gay propaganda are sentenced to 7 years in prison.
Nigeria and Uganda are currently penning laws that make being gay punishable by life in prison or even the death sentence. To think of those poor gay souls shaking in their boots over their fate for simply expressing who they were born to be. To think if I was born in these countries – I just cringe at the thought of being locked away in a cold prison cell, subjected to abuse, rape and God knows what. It’s beyond reprehensible–and completely a crime against humanity to the fullest degree. These archaic rules and customs are the Bubonic plagues that were never fully exterminated–but need to be–and the rest of the world needs to step in to help–now!
It was reported in Newsday recently that in Washington a UN panel has found that there have been an “array” of crimes–including exterminating starving Populations and widespread abductions crimes committed in North Korea–calling for an international investigation.
Apparently, sentencing life imprisonment and death upon innocent gays isn’t enough of a crime against humanity for the United Nations–and America–to step in against these countries. Well, Just look at Russia hosting the Olympics–It is fair to say that the Olympics commission clearly chose commerce and power over human rights and compassion. Russia is one intimidating beast in the Northern hemisphere, considered a superpower–possessing the largest nuclear fleet and weapons of mass destruction on the planet, and enough oil to rival any Middle Eastern country.-
Yes, Russia is a bit intimidating–to say the least. It’s just how they like it. And now they have the Olympics to brag about–as their country proudly spent over 50 Billion dollars–yes BILLION dollars on the Olympics and their country’s minimum wage is far below the national average. The world is scared of them–and other bee-hive countries–the UN just doesn’t want to get involved until they have to.
The holocaust was a clear example of things starting out seemingly small with Hitler’s well-planned, years-long campaign to fool everyone into his sick, sinister beliefs–and within a few short years he was killing millions and millions of Jews–and a good amount of homosexuals– among other innocents.
The UN needs to get involved a lot more often and step in to help the US and other well-meaning countries to eradicate all crimes against humanity–and yes against the gays as well. Aren’t we worth it?
Fake kid’s birthday invites or not–the world is still light years behind Human rights issues–mostly because of “not wanting to get involved” or simply out of fear and intimidation. Well, other countries of the world had better step in and soon–it’s only right for our children– either gay or straight– and for the fate of our society –and all of humanity.