Still from 'Gayby Baby'
Still from ‘Gayby Baby’

Schools in the state will not be allowed to use the optional toolkit.

The NSW Education Minister Adrian Piccoli has ordered that the Gayby Baby Teacher Toolkit be banned across the state.

Launched in May by the creators of the documentary Gayby Baby, the toolkit covers topics for grades 5-10 such as same-sex parented families, single-parent families and blended families. The toolkit promotes a better understanding of LGBTIQ families as well as family diversity.

In 2015, Minister Piccoli temporarily banned Gayby Baby from showing in NSW schools and yesterday said he was “furious” that “revised guidelines established by the federal government” weren’t being followed.

LGBTIQ organisation Rainbow Families believes this decision is a “knee-jerk reaction from the Minister”.

In a statement, the group highlighted that “When we talk about family diversity, we aren’t just talking about LGBTIQ-parented families. We acknowledge that families come in all shapes and sizes, including single-parent families, grandparent-carer families and blended or separated-parent families.”

The organisation also highlighted that “all families have value” and when this is recognised, “We become a stronger and more connected community.”