pregnant woman holding her belly Sonoa Healthcare delivers a world first with an online fertility questionnaire to assist couples in getting pregnant.

Australian women considering pregnancy can now increase their chances with a fully personalized fertility report online, direct from the worlds leading fertility specialists in collaboration with Sonoa Healthcare. The Australian based Sonoa Fertility Report is the first of its kind in the world. A one-stop, independent and reliable online fertility resource for women looking to fall pregnant, having difficulty falling pregnant or already undergoing fertility treatment

Participants simply log in and answer a series of questions (similar to those a fertility specialist would ask) and the expert system provides them with a confidential fertility report specific to their fertility needs, wherever they are on their fertility journey. The report also provides a guide to health changes and options that can be self-managed to give the best chance of natural or assisted fertility.

The report was developed in collaboration with Professor Gab Kovacs from the Fertility Society of Australia, Family Planning and Monash University; Reproductive Endocrinologist Dr David Adamson from the American Society of Reproductive Surgeons, Stanford University and Dr Anthony Rutherford of the British Fertility Society and College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists.

“Type fertility into ‘Dr Google’ and expect over seventy million page options” says Kate Pryde, Managing Director and Executive Editor.

“The sheer volume of information available is confusing, conflicting and potentially dangerous. Couples don’t know how to sort through it and find out which bit of information will make the difference to their own efforts of having a baby. Our report cuts through the plethora of inaccurate information and gives women, and men, a management tool specific to them from leading medical professionals to help their fertility process.”

With nine per cent of couples dealing with fertility issues, the Sonoa Health Fertility report takes the mystery out of fertility.