Poster of Reflecting Adrianne

Reflecting Adrianne, the new short film from filmmaker Michael Angelo, will be awarded the Maverick Award at the upcoming Los Angeles Neo Noir Novel, Film, & Script Festival.

This dark comedy explores the relationship between an adult child of an abusive home and his female alter ego, a bad-assed bitch who relates to him through the mirror. When he’s a kid, she’s his saviour. As an adult, she’s the thorn in his side that he can’t live without.

The film was funded through a Kickstarter and received the Best Alternative Short Film award at the Manhattan Film Festival.

Director Angelo says, “I hope this film goes beyond the gender identity discussion and touches anyone who has ever felt like a misfit or outcast.”

The film’s writer, Ree Merrill, is also excited to share the movie. “Every person can relate to some part of this film, whether it’s finding your voice, owning your past, or living your authentic self.”

Watch the trailer below.

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