From Blues to RainbowsGender diverse, trans* and intersex young people to benefit from new study

From Blues to Rainbows is a new Australian study into the lives of gender diverse, trans* and intersex young Australians. Based at La Trobe University and the University of New England, this cutting-edge research will explore these young people’s lives, focusing on activism and mental health.
Australian research with same-sex attracted and gender-questioning young people around Australia in 2010 demonstrated that gender diverse, trans*, or gender-questioning young people were at greater risk of suicide and self-harm than their same-sex attracted peers. However, it was also found that these young people were more likely to take a stand against discrimination and engage in various forms of activism.
To investigate this further, beyondblue has funded La Trobe University and the University of New England to conduct a survey and on-line interviews around these issues. While also aiming to gain an understanding of the scope of mental health needs among these young people, this research aims to look at the roles played by activism, self-education on issues to do with (inter)sex and gender(s), and support networks, in helping young gender diverse, trans* and intersex people to care for themselves including their mental health.
The project is overseen by a group of gender diverse, trans*, and intersex people (including young people) who have provided advice and guidance on the survey and interview questions. The community will also be involved in helping to find young people between 14 and 25 to be part of the project. The research results will be used to improve policy, service planning and training for professionals that will help meet the needs of these young people better. Further information and the survey can be found here.

Sally Goldner, Spokesperson for Transgender Victoria (TGV), said:

“Transgender Victoria strongly urges young intersex, trans and gender diverse people to complete this vitally needed and ground-breaking survey. With more information, TGV and our allies can advocate more effectively, which in turn helps everyone.”