Comedic Web Series "The Leslie" Caps Off Successful First SeasonThis web series is bridging the gap between the LGBT+ community and the rest of the world.

The season finale of Popcorn & Wine Productions’ new lesbian web series The Leslie will cap off its successful first season.

Created, written, directed, and starring a gay woman, this series looks to bridge the gap between the LGBT+ community and the rest of the world through comedy and humor.

Exclusively on YouTube, The Leslie follows recently out lesbian Leslie Clark. Portrayed by Johnson, Leslie is in her late 20’s living in sunny California and dealing with her new dating landscape. With the help of the only people she has around her, she takes each new misadventure with a grain of salt and racks it up to learning a little bit more about life, sex and what it means to be a woman who loves women.

Created by Kate Johnson, this twelve-episode web series boast a phenomenal cast and crew of young talent.

“I wanted to create a story that could resonate with anyone; gay, straight, bi, doesn’t matter,” said Kate. “We all know what it’s like to date and find love. It’s messy and hard. Leslie is all of us. She just happens to like women.”