Girls Like Magic is gearing up for a second season!

After the hugely successful, critically acclaimed, first season which garnered over 20 million views on Youtube Channel, the fan-favorite has viewers clamoring for more!

At double the length, the second season promises twice the comedy, twice the drama and of course twice the love!

The first season follows Maggie (creator Julia Eringer), who joins her chauvinistic boyfriend (Dominic Adams, Devious Maids/SIX) in Los Angeles, and befriends her new neighbor Jamie (Shantell Yasmine Abeydeera) who she hears loudly making up, and then breaking up, with her ex-girlfriend Casey (Brea Grant, Heroes/ Dexter).

The two hit it off and Jamie dubs Maggie “Magic” for saving her night. Through the season, Magic helps Jamie navigate her newly single life and Jamie introduces Magic to the wonderful world of being gay: the cliques, the dildos, and the drama.

As they become closer they wonder, are they best friends or are they more?

With fans routing for the girls to become a couple and Magic and Jamie finally admitting their love for one another in the closing moments of the season, everyone is excited to find out what will happen next!

Creator Julia Eringer says she was inspired by real people and events in creating the series.! “Coming from the UK, I hadn’t experienced anything quite like the LGBTQ community in Los Angeles before: the fun, the drama, and the celebratory nature of the community.

On a deeper! level I was entranced by the freedom, the intense self-awareness and the rigorous commitment! to being who you are. I felt I could relate to the LGBTQ community in a way that I hadn’t been! able to relate to a group of people before.

My friendship with Shantell Yasmine Abeydeera led to a deeper understanding of her experience as I was able to observe her struggle of growing up as a queer woman of color. Girls Like Magic is based on our real-life friendship and is a love letter to her.

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