another-castle-webseries-lotlAnother Castle aims to address the sexism women face in nerd culture.

The series, which takes place in Los Angeles, looks at the issues women face in the male-dominated world of fantasy, gaming, and superheroes. It centers on two best geek friends, TJ & Barrett, as they pursue their passions in nerdom, alternating between a fantasy, comic book world and reality.

Through quick wit and geek-filled references, we follow the girls through love and loss, career challenges and successes and the many challenges women face in a subculture too often focused on men and masculinity.

“Countless auditions in Los Angeles made me realize that far too many female roles are limited to the secondary significant other or ‘object of desire’ for the straight white male protagonist,” said Samantha Sutliff, creator of the series. “In Another Castle I wanted to create a show from an inclusive female perspective, especially in a male-dominated subculture where women are so often subjugated and even verbally assaulted.”