Watch The Pilot Of 'Out'The web series ‘Out’ explores the process of coming out and the issue of homophobia in school.

Created by Emmalie El Fadli, Out is a web series that handles the disturbingly ever-present issue of homophobia in schools and the challenges of coming out. After a successful Kickstarter campaign, the pilot is here!

The series follows the life of Sammy (Jessica Arden), a seemingly unremarkable teenage girl, who meets Jenny (Megan Simpson), another girl at her school, who changes Sammy’s world. However, this is not a stereotypical girl-meets-girl lesbian drama (as much as we love those!).  Out is a quirky, often light-hearted show that handles an array of complex LGBT issues.

We follow Sammy on her journey through the series as she comes to the realisation (with Jenny’s help) that her school is full of homophobia and closeted LGBT students. Her peers’ fearful reluctance to come out deeply affects her, and she makes it her personal mission to be the first one who is “out and proud” about her sexuality.

Director Cora Shaye Pope explains that she and Emmalie decided to make the show for anyone who is afraid or struggling to find the confidence to come out. “Emmalie pitched the concept to me years back, but it was only months ago that we revisited the idea. We agreed that the show’s themes of homophobia and the struggle to be yourself is still shockingly prevalent all these years later.”

She continues, “My dream is that one day being gay will be so normalised that there will be no NEED to “come out”, but until that day, series like Out are important. If we can change the life of even one person, that’s what counts.”

Emmalie, the creator, producer and editor, hopes to bring more awareness to LGBT issues. “Even though things are going in the right direction, I feel that they have backtracked a bit. I feel that this is a really good time for Out to come out – no pun intended!”