Western Australian filmmaker, actress, and artist Tina Fielding

Western Australian filmmaker, actress and artist Tina Fielding has released a new web series, Out of Here, the highly-anticipated follow-up to her groundbreaking 2021 short film Sparkles

Tina, who identifies as living with disability and is a member of the LGBTQIA+ community, is excited to bring her second project to the screen that portrays a gay woman who lives with Down syndrome.

“Believe in yourself, show yourself, accept and respect yourself. In all the films you have or haven’t seen, it’s not just one person behind it all. I learned that it’s about teamwork from all cast and crew. They all help me to become a better writer and actress and to push my limits and abilities.” said Tina.

Out of Here is a 4-part web series that follows Billie (Tina Fielding), a young, gay woman living with Down syndrome who goes to Gay Pride to find ‘her people’ and ends up having a wild and colourful adventure with new friends and finds her first love.

The series also stars Cam Appleby as TIGER, Aiden Hawke as CRIMSON REIGN, Sarah Nelson as DAVINA, Adam Poole as EDWARD and Nicola Bartlett as MRS JONES. It was written by Tina Fielding, directed by Jacqueline Pelczar and produced by Sophia Armstrong of Blackwood River Films.

Out of Here was one of three successful projects that received $100,000 production funding via Out Now, a Screenwest and Screen Australia initiative designed to support LGBTQIA+ stories that highlight diversity in the screen industry.

“Tina and Jacqueline are such brilliant creatives. It is so wonderful to have had the opportunity to work with them and make this project through the Out Now initiative with Screenwest and Screen Australia’s support. I think Out of Here is such a fun, heartfelt and honest representation of what this community means to Tina.” said Sophia.

“It was pure joy to give vision to writer/actor Tina Fielding’s story again. This series rewrites the traditional fairytale as it’s historically been told and exists as a celebration of the queer communities. We hope that the audiences feel the love and joy that went into making this series.” said Jacqueline.


Jacqueline is an award-winning director, best known for the previously mentioned short film Sparkles and the web series Single Ladies. Jacqueline continues to advocate for less fortunate members of our community, working alongside non-profits to tell stories often left unheard. Jacqueline is also writing and developing her debut feature film.