Mystery And Possession In New LGBT+ Web Series 'Grave Matters'A séance, possession, and Ouija boards are just a few of the treats the LGBTQIA+ web series Grave Matters offers.

This 30-part supernatural mystery drama follows the adventures of a band of teenage misfits in a small Scottish town as they struggle with love, friendship, bullying, school and a good old haunting.

Striving for accurate intersectional representation, the Grave Matters team has a representative cast of women, LGBTQIA+ individuals, and people of colour.  The series seeks to show teenage women in a positive light, which is still lacking in television and film.

Grave Matters addresses pertinent issues, including the changing roles of young women, sexual orientation and sexuality, single-parent households, alcoholism, divorce, classism, toxic relationships, domestic abuse, crime, adoption, eating disorders and bullying.

The Grave Matters team also wants to encourage the return of the film and entertainment industry to Scotland. By setting the series in a rural Scottish town, the team can highlight and showcase Scotland as the beautiful and diverse country it is.

Viewers can immerse themselves into the series through bi-weekly episodes, various social media pages, and additional content, including videos from the fictional beauty vlog run by one of the characters.