Queer Kid Stuff returns for Season 3 and talks about activism and gender.

QUEER KID STUFF  is talking activism and gender in Season Three! The popular children’s LGBTQ+ educational web series is collaborating with JACKSON BIRD (formerly of HARRY POTTER ALLIANCE) for a Harry Potter Activism episode on May 16, 2018, for QKS Youtube web series.

Queer Kid Stuff imagines a kinder and more equal future through highly-accessible, educational entertainment for kids of all ages. Hosted by a tie-wearing queer human, Lindsay Amer, and their non-binary best-stuffed friend, Teddy; it’s Mr Rogers Neighborhood meets Gender Studies 101!

Season 3 focuses on Activism & Gender, themes introduced in Season 2. This season, QUEER KIDS STUFF collaborates with trans youtube icon, JACKSON BIRD to continue our discussion on activism within the LGBTQ+ community. The show explores different aspects of privilege such as race, class, ability, and so much more! You can access the premiere episode of Season 3 here: “How Do You Express Your Gender?”.

Viewers can support QUEER KID STUFF on Kickstarter, the campaign ends June 8, 2018. They’ll receive rewards, such as our SING-A-LONGS, Teddy Tee, colouring sheets featuring Teddy & Lindsay, and a whole lot more! Through backer support, we’ll be able to continue making QUEER KID STUFF Season 4 & 5. QUEER KID STUFF would not exist without the support of its Patrons.

QUEER KID STUFF is created, written, and hosted by Lindsay Amer, an artist and activist focused on queer representation and storytelling for young children. They have been recognized by Teen Vogue, GLAAD, and The Webby Awards for their work on Queer Kid Stuff. They hold degrees in theatre from Northwestern University (BS) and Queen Mary University of London (MA). QKS is Directed by Hannah Rimm, and sound engineered by Kym Lukacs. Teddy is puppeteered by Montana Lampert Hoover. Production Design by Emmie Finckel, Styling and Title sequence animation by Carly Silverman and logo by KD Diamond (Girl Sex 101).  Music and lyrics for Queer Kid Stuff by Amanda D’Archangelis (Single Rider, The Disembodied Hand, Out There!, Blatantly Blaine).