Promo Art for 'Blatantly Bianka'She’s doing her best…well, trying to.

Meet Bianka. Queer, mixed-race, and an often distracted multidisciplinary artist struggling to achieve financial, emotional, and romantic stability in her life (all in a day’s work, right?).

Blatantly Bianka is the project of Bianka Alexandria Bell, a San Franciscan queer filmmaker and actor. It’s a series-long exploration of the titular character.

To everyone around her, she’s clearly gifted in her crafts, but Bianka has a difficult time understanding this herself.

Her occasional spouts of self-doubt (a product of living as the family disappointment for not pursuing Law School and instead, moving to San Francisco to become the next Childish Gambino) generally supersedes her frequent moments of creative genius and interferes with any semblance of success she is close to attaining.

Because of her keen ability to advise others, pseudo confidence and cunning persona, Bianka appears unbothered to the masses.

Her two best friends, Frankie and Geneva (Gen), are the only two people in her life who actually detect her reoccurring discontents, and consequently, act as her own personal (wacky) confidantes on the journey towards self-understanding.