Still from Entangled With You
Still from Entangled With You

This queer and quirky dramedy will give you more than a few giggles.

Down-to-earth lesbian shacks up with a perky straight girl in this roommate-relationship dramedy. Created by Caryn K. Hayes, an award-winning writer, director and producer, this new web series is racking up praise for its charming characters and heartfelt moments.

After evicting her boyfriend for giving her an STD, cupcake-baking Alisha (Kathryn J. Taylor) fills the empty apartment with lesbian songwriter Jaliyah (Loren Lillian). The two women get off on a rocky start—Jaliyah overhears Alisha’s VD crisis, and Alisha gets tongue-tied over Jaliyah’s surprise lez life. What’s more, Jaliyah’s own girlfriend takes off for a year-long dance tour. Entwined by mutual heartache, the new roomies are pushed into a surprising bond.

Fresh from LAWebFest, the Entangled With You cast took home several Outstanding Performance awards, adding more decorations to their already accomplished profiles. Taylor previously won LAWebFest title Best Actress in a Comedy. Lillian debuted in the critically acclaimed Pariah and has performed in numerous other TV and stage roles.

Creator Hayes also boasts a shining resume. Her other web series, Breaking Point, has been nominated for 17 awards, taking four wins including Outstanding Writing. Her previous works have also drawn critical acclaim. While Hayes’ diverse portfolio includes documentaries and sketch comedy, her favourite thing about the film for the web is the freedom—“I love the fact that I can do it how I want, I can tell the stories I want.” Native to New Orleans, Hayes has since moved to Los Angeles to write, direct, produce, edit, design and coordinate every other task imaginable. “The biggest challenge is not having enough time in the day,” she laughs. “Even at 3 a.m., I’m going, ‘Almost! I’m almost there!’” It’s all worth it when she sees her work in the lights.

Hayes says that she hopes that viewers will be able to relate to Entangled’s themes such as awkward roommate trials and exes that can’t seem to leave your mind. She hopes that her work will both crack a few smiles and jumpstart conversations about our own subtle prejudices.  She feels that Entangled can reach a wide audience. “I think our audience is pretty much anybody who’s been in a relationship,” she says. “Of course, [the show] is kinda targeting a young audience and a lesbian audience…[but], I think everyone can relate to it. I definitely try to strive to speak to everybody.”