Dyke CentralHomegrown queer web series is set for April release.

Dyke Central is releasing its full first season online this April. It is certainly worth a watch, bringing to the screen freshly unique characters and engaging storylines. The Oakland California based series features a black butch and a genderqueer Filipina in leading roles, supported by a mainly of-colour cast including a femme with a beard and several trans actors, making it somewhat trailblazing.

What started out as a small homegrown pilot cast with a mix of professional actors and queer locals has developed into a full-fledged series, supported by many loving fans. Its quality of filming is good for a web-based project that will surely do well in its release on VOD on April 10th, comprised of ten twenty-minute episodes.

Dyke Central was included in “Lesbian Web Series” shortlists by Buzzfeed, AfterEllen, and others. Episode 2 (“Taboo”, now on YouTube”) screened at the Dinah Shore Film Festival, Fusion, Inside Out Toronto, and Outfest; and Frameline, the world’s largest LGBTQ film festival, screened a feature-length compilation of episodes. This seems to have gained them some much-deserved popularity on YouTube, as their pilot episode has now reached (on March 8th 2015) an impressive 98,506 views.

As of midnight on Friday, April 10, fans will be able to stream all ten episodes, plus a behind-the-scenes featurette, on a pay-per-view VOD platform linked through DykeCentral.com. Fans can look forward to some exciting additions to the main cast, including LA-based ‘celesbian’ Dalila Ali Rajah (“Cherry Bomb”), celebrated comedian D’Lo (“Looking”, “Transparent”) and androgynous model Rain Dove (“Living Different”).

The pilot and episode 2 can also be found under that account, so be sure to watch them to get your DC fix before heading over to DykeCentral.com to enjoy the rest of the series!

A note to interested businesses: Dyke Central is offering sponsorship opportunities leading up to the worldwide premiere for companies, organizations and individuals seeking to reach queer and feminist audiences and elevate their profiles by investing in a community-based project.