Confirmation that there will be a return for love interest Sgt. Bianca Grieve.

Fans of the ABC’s Janet King are celebrating, as the third installment of the critically acclaimed series goes into production, with the gorgeous AACTA-award winning Marta Dusseldorp reprising her role as everyone’s favorite lesbian lawyer.

Janet King has established itself as a show that tackles issues prevalent in society today, with series 1 investigating child pornography, series 2 illegal gun importation, and now series 3 the dark side of our nation’s passion – professional sport.

This season sees our unflinching heroine and her team investigating the tragic death of a young sports star, an investigation that leads to uncovering the dirty underbelly of the world of corruption in sport – gambling, organized crime, money laundering, performance enhancing drugs and match-fixing.

But the question on the lips of queer women everywhere is – will Sgt Bianca Grieve (Anita Hegh) be back to continue the relationship that developed so sweetly with Janet in series 2? When quizzed, Hegh’s response was one that promises to keep us on our toes, “Of course I can’t give anything away. Let’s just say that Bianca still has her eyes on the prize.”

In a Live Q&A for subscription TV channel Acorn in the US last week, promoting her three shows Janet King, A Place to Call Home and Jack Irish, Dusseldorp was asked about Janet’s relationship status. She replied with a smile, “The series has skipped forward a couple of years so the twins are older, and Janet is in a loving relationship.”

                                                                                                        Kate Ryan ABC-TV

Dusseldorp also confirmed that Bianca and former partner Ash, who was tragically killed between series 1 and 2, have been her favorite love interests across all her current shows. I think it’s safe to hope that Janet and Bianca will not only be smashing crime rings, but also lighting up our screens with their sizzling chemistry once again in 2017. 

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