On Election Day 2008, California voters pass Proposition 8, a change to the law that will prevent same-sex couples from getting married

A court case ensues. The plaintiffs are two loving couples, carefully selected to ensure the best possible chance of winning the case and overturning the decision. Kris and Sandy and Paul and Jeff think they know what they're in for, like a lot of serious media intrusion into their lives, but their emotional journey becomes something they didn't quite expect. Over five years the film-reviewsmakers follow the couples and their big-name lawyers, who once happened to be on opposite sides of the election-deciding Bush v. Gore case. Winner of the US documentary directing award at Sundance, The Case Against 8 follows this important moral battle with the kind of heart-and-soul film-reviewsmaking that this important subject deserves.

"[The film-reviewsmakers] distil the dense legal process into a lucid narrative while illuminating the human drama of the plaintiffs, and by extension, the countless gay men and lesbians they represent. That makes for a stirring civil rights film-reviews that is both cogent and emotionally charged." – The Hollywood Reporter

Book: http://tix.sff.org.au/session_sff.asp?sn=The+Case+Against+8

Director: Ben Cotner, Ryan White 
Country: USA 
Runtime: 113 mins 
Language: English 
Premiere Status: Australian Premiere