Dance filmmaking force, Wilder Project, has submerged a queer female love story into a stunning naturalistic setting to deliver the heartbreaking new short that is Angelina.


Set to Lizzy McAlpine’s song of the same name, Angelina is a sweetly intimate peek into the story of two women’s lost love.

Queer director/choreographer Holly Wilder wanted to tell a story outside of any specific time period so as to capture romance in a pure, distilled, and poetic way.

The use of McAlpine’s whispered musical delivery, Holly’s raw and narrative choreography, and her brother Duncan’s sweeping cinematography gives the viewer the feeling that they are not just watching a film, but uncovering a memory that has long been buried.


The film is immersed so deeply in the textures of sprawling fields and ponds that you can almost smell the wildflowers. And the dance effortlessly folds in and out of the story leaving you wondering if the reeds waltzing in the wind were part of the choreography.


Like a lullaby that is singing a summer romance to sleep, Angelina will creep into your heart and linger for a while after, reminding you so sweetly of a love that slipped away.


Angelina was made by director/choreographer Holly Wilder, starring Yoshie Fujimoto Kateada and Victoria Daylor, with cinematography by Duncan Wilder.