Modern Day Romance In Web Series ‘How To Not’This 8-episode web series is perfect for the hopeless romantic.

Winner of Best LBGT Short at Hollywood Reel Independent Film Fest in 2015, How To Not is the modern-day romance story we have been waiting for.

From the mind of Queer Creator Gia Vangieri, How To Not is the story about chasing that one thing on the road to becoming who you are. It begins as most modern-day romances do, all alone at night, half drunk and on the internet.

The title comes from the idea that when we are unsure how to handle a situation, we google “how to”. Gia believes it is much more challenging to figure out how to not do things, like how not to be jealous and how to not cry on your birthday.

The main character we follow is “you”, an unnamed female in her early 20s attempting to navigate the world. With Google at her disposal and James Franco as her Spirit Guide