Sande Zeig

A cult lesbian film penned by a French feminist gets a re-release.

For something completely different in lesbian cinema, The Girl, by Sande Zeig, adapted from a story by Monique Wittig, is now available on video on demand.

Zeig, an American writer-director, was the partner of the legendary French feminist writer up until her death. Zeig’s 2000 film, The Girl, is based on a short story written by Wittig.

The film is a love story set in Paris between archetypes—”the Artist” (Agathe De La Boulaye) and “the Girl” (Claire Keim), who is a singer in a nightclub.

Narrated by “The Artist,” who becomes increasingly obsessed with “The Girl,” who is straight, it tells a tale of lesbian seduction, and how their growing relationship becomes threatened by outside forces, especially the attentions of a man (Cyril Lecomte).

“The Girl” continues to see men and “The Painter” continues to see her long-time lover (Bu Savé). Complications arise…