We speak to the Hollywood stars about their new sapphic period drama

I’m experiencing a pinch-me-I’m-living-my-best-lezzy-life moment. I’m in a smart hotel room, and sat opposite me are not one, but two devastatingly talented, stunningly gorgeous, Oscar-winning actors, who have both recently starred in not one, but two gloriously queer, female-driven films. It might be a terrifying time to be alive, but what a year to be a sapphic cinephile.

Rachel Weisz beams at me, acknowledging, “It’s a pretty unique social moment.” Emma Stone adds, in her wonderfully gravelly voice, “Wow. I’ve come off two in a row. We should keep talking about that.”

Does she have any idea why we’re currently having this Hollywood gay gold rush? “I would hope it’s because everyone’s stories should be told and everyone is completely equal. Maybe the world can now understand that.” Rachel nods sagely, before offering an alternative theory: “Maybe people are just bored. I think this is much more interesting.”

Rachel, I couldn’t agree more. As the famous saying goes, you wait a lifetime for a lez/bi blockbuster, then they all come along at once.

In 2018, Rachel produced and appeared opposite Rachel McAdams in Disobedience, a tale of forbidden passion in the Orthodox Jewish community. The year before, Emma embodied lesbian tennis legend Billie Jean King in Battle Of The Sexes. And now, the two unite in Yorgos Lanthimos’ hysterical historical dramedy, The Favourite.