Still from 'Ava's Impossible Things'
Still from ‘Ava’s Impossible Things’

Ava’s Impossible Things reaches out to women.

Soul Kiss founder and director of the new lesbian film, Ava’s Impossible Things, Marina Rice Bader, sends out a call to arms for everyone who immerses themselves in hope, beauty, and love.

If the woman dominated film brand of Soul Kiss Films means nothing to you, it’s high time to get on board the one-way train to the amazing town. Founder/director/producer Marina Rice Bader is on her next instalment in the lesbian film world and she is on a mission.

During the production of the up-in-coming film Ava’s Impossible Things, the set was hit with a devastating situation. Sudden wind storms caused a shutdown in production and the production team is now in a race against time to raise the final funds to complete the days that were lost during the tragic weather that occurred in southern California.

Ava’s Impossible Things is about the human spirit, and I doubt there’s a member of my audience out there who can’t relate to Ava and her journey,” says Bader. “How many of us have or are taking care of our parents, making choices we never thought we’d have to make?

How many have lost sight of who we were meant to be? How many have given up on love? Ava’s journey is universal, but it’s wrapped in a very unique story—a magical narrative that exists in two worlds.”

With the clock ticking, Bader is attempting to shoot the final and lost, scenes on a studio lot where her production team can recreate the set that was blown away for the first week in December. If you’ve loved Soul Kiss’ past films of Raven’s Touch, Anatomy of a Love Seen, A Perfect Ending and Elena Undone then it is imperative to help this visionary brilliance come to life for the silver screen.

Following the famous slogan “made by women, for the woman”, Ava’s Impossible Things truly grasps the concept of being empowered in the business. “We are vastly underrepresented both in front of and behind the camera,” adds Bader. “This is another reason our film needs to get out there.”

Bader just launched the first-ever trailer for her unfinished film. From the looks of it, Ava will be an excellent addition to her already successful line-up. But it’s up to us; the lesbians, the feminists, the mothers and the daughters, the girls trying to find their place in this world. WOMEN are what will make this film happen. Will YOU answer the call?