PosterNestingDollNesting Doll is a story about three broken women whose lives intersect at a lakeside community and are forever changed through their shared love of a boy with special needs.

Nicole Conn is known not only for having paved the way for lesbian-themed cinema with her cult classic, Claire of the Moon – celebrating its milestone 25th Anniversary in 2018—but also for her acclaimed features Elena Undone (which boasts the most extended screen kiss in cinema history) and A Perfect Ending.


Conn captured Australian actress Zoe Ventoura for the lead. “I wanted to be part of Nesting Doll from the moment I read Nicole’s script… She has created a compelling world filled with beautifully layered characters and stories,” said Ventoura.

Zoe Ventoura

“I was told for years people don’t want to see a story about a special needs character. That it was a ‘downer’ ” says Conn. “It enraged me, and is precisely the reason why we need more characters with special needs played by actors with special needs.”


Still from 'Nesting Doll'
Still from ‘Nesting Doll’

And making his acting debut is 11-year-old Cale Ferrin. Ferrin was diagnosed with Fanconi Anemia, a rare genetic disease that can lead to bone marrow failure and cancer and is often marked by congenital defects and short stature.

“His energy is so magical that when you hug Cale, it feels like you are hugging God,” said Nicole.