This documentary explores lesbians that discriminate against other lesbians.

How often do we think about discrimination within our own community? Just how influential are outside pressures to identify a certain way becoming in the lesbian community? Nneka Onuorah explores these questions in her new documentary The Same Difference.

Onuorah takes an in depth look at the black lesbian/bisexual community and the internalised gender roles that have become all too familiar within this community.

This documentary interviews a wide range of women from Lea Delaria and Snoop Pearson to friends and others living daily with opinions about how identity should be portrayed.

The approach that Onuorah takes does not aim to criticize any of the participants for their views. Instead, the documentary shines a light on the relationships and experiences within the queer black female community.

Onuorah says that her inspiration for the documentary came because of how often she has witnessed discrimination within the lesbian community and that she “wanted to create a platform” and “kind of help change the environment” when it comes to representing lesbians in the media.

The Same Difference premiered at the Frameline Film Festival in July and will be going on tour.

The next screening will take place in Atlanta, Georgia on September 5, 2015 at the Land Mark Theaters Midtown Arts Cinema at 12 noon.

Check out the trailer below!