Still from 'The Kids Are All Right'
Still from ‘The Kids Are All Right’

The first hit lesbian film since…well, since forever. And what do the lesbians do? Complain.

We’ve heard their wretched murmurings all over the continental US, even as the film grosses millions and moves to suburban cineplexes.

The Huffington Post’s blogger and lesbian mother-of-three Joan Garry asks “The Kids Are All Right? No Way!”

She writes in a recent column, “I was beyond excited. A major motion picture. Two big celebs…A cultural touchstone. We’d never had one before. Our very own family on the big screen! For the very first time. So I went to see it. And unlike the many who raved about this film, I have a real problem with it….Do I have to be so damned picky? Yes, I do.”

And on she goes to criticize the film not on its poor artistic merit, its lousy acting and/or special effects, its body count or immorality — in other words, using all the criteria a normal person would use to pan a movie.

She criticizes it because it depicts something she doesn’t like.

Doesn’t endorse. In PC lesbian la-la-land: A lesbian mom having an affair with her sperm donor.

Big deal. It’s a movie. Get over it.

And lady, for the record, this film wasn’t about your family, just like when stupid heteros go and see their stupid romantic comedies and violent blockbusters where they boff each other and kill each other — it isn’t about their families either.

It’s about entertainment. That which lesbians so frequently do without. Along with a sense of humour.

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