Tim Millgate (a.k.a Tina Turnon) brings a diverse group together for the Mardi Gras Parade march.

To celebrate his 30th birthday in shimmering style, community identity Tim Millgate (a.k.a Tina Turnon) will bring a diverse group of people together including DIVA (Drag Industry Variety Awards) board members and judges, working Sydney Drag showgirls, Sydney DJs, plus a wide group of friends and family to march the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras Parade on March 1st, 2014.

Tim Millgate says “10 years after moving to Sydney from Dubbo in Central West NSW and being a part of many community groups including ACON (AIDS Council of NSW), Bingay, Ankali and most recently DIVA, I'm bringing my friends and family together to celebrate, as Proud Mary's, our wonderful community, Tina Turner's sequins, tassels and music – and my 30th Birthday!”

Tina and Her Turners is a self-funded float, made possible through donations contributed by participants. Left over funds from the production of the entry will be donated to well-known LGBTIQ organisation ACON. Tina and Her Turners will be choreographed by DIVA award winner Decoda Secret and the tunes have been expertly mixed by Mardi Gras Party star and Sydney based DJ Dan Murphy.

The audio and visual float will use the spectacle of a marching group with choreography, costuming, large-scale lighting and sound to bring Tina Turner’s trademark diva anthems and fun to the parade. Utilising these elements, the float is celebrating less talk and much more fabulous action. Professional Drag will be a focus of the float, with some of Sydney's top showgirls and DJ's joining Tina upon the float.

“The message of fun, celebration and community is what we want to bring to Mardi Gras this year,” Tim says. “I have so much to thank the LGBTIQ community for over the past 10 years and through my 30th Birthday, I want to give back this Mardi Gras season and celebrate with my friends and family.”