Cuddles - Queer Night PosterVice Bar is excited to launch CUDDLES; a new queer-friendly night in Fitzroy.

Since its launch in early October, Vice Bar has spruced up its walls with glowing chandeliers and a fresh coat of paint.

Serving Grilled Sweet Corn, Gator Popcorn (like popcorn chicken but with an alligator) and other delicious snacks until 2 am, refreshing margaritas from newly installed slushy machines and a selection of cocktails by some very attractive (and skilled) mixologists, there’s really no reason to leave.

Having survived the Johnston Street Spanish Festival, this small and intimate space proves there’s always room for a dance. Boasting a cute communal courtyard with a vertical garden, the music will serenade you until 3 am.

Queer, straight or curious; if you need somewhere new and exciting to impress the hell out of your tinder date this is the place to be, or you can regret it in the morning when you wake up on your loan some.

Whether you’re here to stay or just stopping by on your night out, start it classy…