Denise Hanlon
Denise Hanlon

Comedian, singer and MC Denise Hanlon reveal why you should go!

Finally, an event where you need to bump up your age to get in! This is a night for single lesbians born before ’64 to have fun and meet new ‘friends. Held at the Red Rattler, you’ll be entertained by belly dancers, singers, comedy, and organised ice-breaker activities.

Denise Hanlon, a singer and comedian, is the guest MC of the night. She’s danced with Malcolm Turnbull, sung with Ian ‘Dicko’ Dickson and is known for her one-woman shows.

LOTL chatted with Denise to find out more about this event:

You’re an MC, an award-winning singer AND a professional comedian. Is there anything you can’t do?


I did some light online stalking, and found your LinkedIn page – you also work at a bank, managing high-performance programs. Are you ever going to give up your day job?

Yes, the day after I turn 70, according to Joe Hockey – only 26 years to go! As far as I’m concerned, I’m already retired. I just turn up, keep my computer on and try to look busy.

There aren’t that many events available for lesbians in Sydney, particularly for this demographic, so the “Singles Soiree – Born B4 ‘64” is really something special. Why are you supporting this event?

I think it’s a great way to provide a different type of environment for people to meet. I’m taking my girlfriend along. We are both a little under the age limit but it’s my long-term strategy to help her find someone else’s life to ruin. And there’s afternoon tea!

Why should single lesbians born before ’64 attend this Singles Soiree?

Because it’s unlikely that they will have anything better to do on a Sunday afternoon. Golf should be finished by then! But seriously, what a great event to potentially meet the woman of your dreams. LINC (Lesbians Incorporated) has also approved a grant application for this event – so the price is now only $20! I haven’t felt that cheap since the ‘80s.

What are you personally looking forward to the most on the night? Belly dancers, singers, or something else?

I’m looking forward to a fun afternoon, with people who are comfortable in their own skin. Did I also mention the potential to off-load my girlfriend?

I’m 21 years old, so I’m pretty bummed that I can’t attend this event. BUT what do I have to look forward to in the future as a lesbian?

You SHOULD be bummed. There is nothing more entertaining than a lesbian watching a belly-dancer.

Finally, can you sum up the “Singles Soiree – Born B4 ‘64” in three words? 

Menopause, cataracts and arthritis.