Join the #diyRAINBOW revolution during Mardi Gras

In 2013, the #diyRAINBOW revolution began in response to the rainbow crossing removal at Sydney’s Taylor Square. It started with one individual and grew into a global phenomenon, a symbol of unity and inclusion, which the world became passionate about.

The rainbow is a symbol that unites the people of the world, from fond memories as a child through to providing identities for communities; the happiness a rainbow brings is priceless.

 ‘Ride the Rainbow’ is spreading the love by delivering keepsake #diyRAINBOWS to cities around the globe for the enjoyment of its citizens.

‘Ride the Rainbow’ is for you the people: young, old and in-between. The #diyRAINBOW Turf will be available to all – experience the joy of walking down the 1 km long strip of happiness, bring your camera and a picnic.

First Stop: Sydney, Australia!

On the morning of Saturday 7th March 2015, the ‘Ride The Rainbow’ crew and passengers will arrive into the City Of Sydney in grand style on board the ‘Mardi Gras Express’ at Sydney Central Station to a VIP welcome.

Join us as the Rainbow makes its way from Melbourne to Sydney, on board the Mardi Gras Express.

This is the first of many exciting Ride The Rainbow events, stay tuned to find out who is the lucky city to get the next #diyRAINBOW!

You can contribute and participate in several ways – visit