March with Equal Love this August for LGBTIQ rights

Equal Love's upcoming rally in Melbourne is set to be the country’s biggest rally for Marriage Equality to date. Nearly 20,000 Australians who are tired of waiting for federal politicians to catch up with the rest of the community and make Marriage Equality a reality, have indicated they will be marching with Equal Love this August.

The rally is on Saturday 15th August in the week where the new cross party bill for Marriage Equality is potentially introduced to parliament if Abbott’s selection committee allows it. If it is introduced, it would be 2 days before Abbott decides whether to allow a free vote on the issue. 

This provides the opportunity to let Abbott know that his staunch opposition to equality and his blocking of a free vote is not the democratic Australia you voted for. Demand that he allow his MPs a free vote and that they reflect community sentiment for an inclusive Marriage Act.

Public Rally for Marriage Equality
Date and time:
Saturday 15 August, 1PM
Location: Victorian State Library
For more info go to or find the event on Facebook.