Get ready for this satirical production of the dark nature of human history!

From the creators of Bushpig, the critical smash hit and “hands-down most intriguing show” (Heckler, 2013) to appear at the Adelaide, Sydney, and Melbourne Fringe Festivals, comes The Jacobeans, a wickedly satirical foray into the dark heart of human history.

A pair of peasants face poverty with a cheery disposition; Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung define their phallic fixations; a husband and wife face an unfortunate case of hysteria; Julie Andrews confronts an unusual new sidekick as she approaches middle age. Characters from all corners of time and space find themselves trapped by a force beyond their control – a force preparing to sweep them into a strange and inconceivable future…

Bagabus Inc. continue their “captivating blend of humor, surrealism, and good old-fashioned storytelling” (Time Out Melbourne) in The Jacobeans. Featuring their signature blend of “amazing imaginative juxtaposition of people and places” (Rip It Up), The Jacobeans is a scathingly satirical, insistently imaginative, and provocatively pertinent comedy about the Dark Ages we lived in, and the one we still inhabit.

Show Dates & Venue:
Club Voltaire

14 Raglan St, North Melbourne

Jan 22 – Feb 7                    7:30pm

Full: $20

Concession: $15

Group: $15 (Group of 4)

Thursdays: $15

Tickets available from Midsumma Box Office, online, or on the door. Visit www. to book.