Review of Stories from the INside OUT!Not having been to many theatre shows… I wasn’t sure what I was going to be in for last night at the Pre-Premiere of Stories from the INside OUT.

A friend of mine was actually playing the role of my partner…There she was…all tanned up, in a sparkly outfit, complete with a long red wig – definitely looking the part of a ‘fluid lipstick lesbian’!

All of the actors and actresses looked fabulous! With perfect imitation of the people they were representing, from Peter Everett and Trevor Ashley, to a flamboyoant Transgender and the PM’s Sister!

There was this underlying theme of pain and struggle within the LGBTIQ Community from a variety of ages.

The first section was very intimate, candle lit, darkened room, with 11 characters, each so individual, all speaking their parts but interlinking in a way that kept you listening to every last word. I found myself on the edge of my seat, then laughing until my sides hurt, then overwhelmed with sadness as tears rolled down my eyes, as I listened intently to the journeys of what was so convincingly the people sitting before me.

Then we all applauded – a standing ovation for talented young students before us!

Intermission time…As my partner and I walk out for a drink a lady practically jumps on us laughing and smiling from ear to ear!

“Hello I was wondering which one you were! The accent is spot on and the hair and outfit!”

Stunned my partner and I looked at each other as if to say “Well I don’t know her, do you?”

I was also mentioned in this play and she looked at me with astonishment and said “Oh you must be Emma!”

Then she hugged us both and went on her way.

Anywho after that lovely experience we were super keen to see the next section.

There we are sitting in a completely black room, with soothing music radiating from above us.

Then come on little lamps all over the room, Around 13 new actors and actresses are now sitting in lounge chairs all around the room.

Basically you all need to see this for your self, the issues the characters touch on, the religious backgrounds, the family issues, drugs, HIV & AIDS, Mardi Gras and the list goes on and on! You will definitely resonate with more than one story – I know we did!

Also there were debates about the one and only Mr Tony Abbott! – But of course we have a bunch of LGBTIQ’s talking about their life stories how could our PM not be discussed – however when you hear what his sister has to say you may be rather shocked…The experience has left me questioning a lot about Mr Abbott – she may just open up a soft spot for some listeners.

Please don’t miss out on this experience, trust me you won’t regret it 🙂