The team behind 'Love in full colour''
The team behind ‘Love in full colour”

‘Love in full colour’ explores LGBTI teens’ journeys and the Same-Sex Formal in Melbourne

Just 12 days remain to support the Kickstarter campaign to fund the completion of the Australian doco ‘Love in full colour’, a film about the world’s largest-ever Same Sex Formal – and the journeys of 12 LGBT teenagers over three years as they fall in love, come out and come of age.

Told entirely in their own words, they reveal how they survived bullying, discrimination and invisibility at high school, and discover the transformative power of falling in love and finding community.

The first pass of ‘Love in full colour’ screened to a sell-out audience at the Melbourne Queer Film Festival in March, and now filmmaker Suzi Taylor is seeking community support to help her finish it. To date, the film has been entirely self-funded.

Raising $15,000 through the Kickstarter campaign would cover the final costs of post-production, including music, archival footage, colour grade, audio mix, legal and mastering. Any funds raised above $15,000 will go towards the production of a teacher tool kit, including classroom resource materials, a website, extended interviews and teaching notes, to raise awareness of LGBT issues, combat homophobic and transphobic bullying and help schools to build a culture that is inclusive and that embraces sexual and gender diversity.

Australian of the Year in 2010 and the co-founder of Headspace, Professor Pat McGorry AO, has said that ‘Love in full colour’ will “move everyone towards full acceptance of young people whose pathway to a secure adult identity is different and more challenging.” He continues, “Every student, teacher, and principal needs to see this film and reflect on what they can do individually and together to transform the experience of GLTBI young people.”

Funding closes on May 25. Go to the Kickstarter campaign here.