GoldenGirlsFlyersTwo years ago I performed at Murray Hill’s “Miss Lower East Side Pageant.”

A performance event that encourages creativity that goes outside the box. I came up with an out-of-this-world character called “A-Squirta-V’Tina”, a drag king who was making their drag queens debut. Why not? The more outrageous the better and enough gender mix-up to spin you on your head.

After that blessed event Sharyn Jackson, the one and only, went clubbing in the east village, costumed and all. No one knew what to do with us, so we thought: “Why not throw a party where we create even more confusion?”

Hence, Victoria, a dress-up party and performance celebrating faux queen-ness, was started born. The first party happened a few months later. The mission: encourage people to find themselves through fashion and drag. We got some make-up and clothes donated and had the public go wild with them. Unreal characters emerged from out “Style Station” empowered to take over the city.

A kick-back to the good ‘ol days of the West Village.

Take that energy and add it to the “Golden Girls”.


Yes, it’s as fabulous as you think it is. So powerful that we just have to throw a “Victoria presents: We love the Golden Girls” party every year. Sometimes twice.

The most glorious thing about Victoria is that it brings people from all walks of life together. Forget labels, because when you become Victoria you can be anyone you want. No questions asked.

Similarly, avid fans of the Golden Girls span the spectrum of human experience. And they all come to Stonewall every time we throw the party. So, for those in NYC, next Saturday, March 6, join me and everyone else who wants to hang loose at the Stonewall Inn. 8 p.m. for the episode marathon, 10 pm for performances.