The Stain' Delivers Two New Shows For La Mama Exploration SeriesPerformance art troupe explores life, death, feminism and punk.

Formed in 2012, The Stain is an eclectic mob of musicians and performers whose paths crossed at the right time making rife for artistic fertile ground. Consisting of Erica Pringle, Kirsty Letts, Helen Tuton, Jo Franklin & Francesca Sculli, each member has diverse histories such as with Women’s Circus, Hissy Fit, Rock Strip, and Purring Furmaids.

Based in Melbourne, they are a band with a twist. Under the eye of director Anni Davey (Circus Oz, Crying in Public Places, Yana Alana), The Stain makes art that is a live marriage between music and performance, story and song, art and life, life and dream-like, and anything in between.

Their live art shows cross-cover elements from rock to pop with a dash of cabaret, interpreted and reinterpreted for your viewing and intellectual pleasure.

The band has spent most of 2014 at various festivals, such as GRRLFEST and Hare Hole, and is excited about their next two shows which explore history, sound, life, death and politics:

Piece For An Odd Place

This is a short, dark and provocative new work. It states a moment of revelation while expressing the exploration of consciousness and memory in the face of life and death.

The Want

This is a raucous homage to the feminist punk-rock movement of the 70s, 80s and 90s led by women who were punk by mindset and attitude, not necessarily by genre.

Through live performance, word, raw footage and song, The Stain tells the stories of these women who challenged the status quo and broke new ground. The music world’s culture and attitude was redefined with women at its front and centre, unapologetically kicking the door off its hinges so those who follow can strut right on through.

Each story is majestically told through puppetry, performance, dance, art, live music, strip and song.

There are also special guests Penny Ikinger, Rebekah Zechner and The Sunburnt Soul Choir, with puppets by KT Prescott and dances by Tomoko Yamasaki and Cleo Cutcher.