Jennifer ForeverTwo Peas presents their new play, Jennifer Forever, at the Old 505 Theatre Sydney.

Independent theatre companies of Sydney continue to wow audiences, with the new production from Two Peas, it seems this trend will continue.

Jennifer Forever is about a woman. That was the only inspiration needed for Tara Clark, to write a story around a young female character.

“I wanted to write something that I would want to perform”, explains Clark as the seedling that spawned Jennifer Forever. “I was working in a dry cleaning store and it was a really quiet night, so I sat down and started to write. I didn’t have a story or know who the characters were, but I knew there would be a girl, and it would all start with her.”

Following on from their last production, We’re Bastards (written by the other Pea, Oleg Pupovac), Jennifer Forever continues their darker tone of work, exploring issues of sexual abuse and pedophilia. However, Clark insists that the play itself should be an enjoyable experience for the actors as well as audiences. “We’re asking questions about some pretty touchy subjects,” she says, “and there will be moments where audiences might find it a little confronting, but I think that’s what theatre should be. Sometimes the best art is the ugliest to look at.”

Jennifer Forever is being performed at The Old 505 Theatre as part of the 2014 Sydney Fringe Festival and will run from September 17th until September 28th