Lord of the fliesThe classic story of the Lord of The Flies is turned on its head with an all-female cast.

The Lord of the Flies, just hearing that title, brings images of grotesque, cruel behaviour, desperation, and panic and no I am not talking about my English exam on it.  William Golding’s classic novel which takes us on a confronting journey of the animalistic and dark side of human nature will be forever etched in our memories.

The Lord of the Flies begins with a plane evacuating a group of schoolboys from Britain that is shot down over a deserted tropical island. The boys are left to govern themselves and without societal structure, authority or consequences it quickly leads to chaotic and catastrophic outcomes.

Imagine if one of the most significant pieces of the novel’s puzzle was completely flipped on its head! What would happen if the stranded children were not boys, but girls? How much did gender bias play a role in a 20th Century based novel and how would the tale differ if it played out in the 21st century?

In June 2013 The Lord of the Flies will be transformed into a modern theatre piece and played out by an all-female cast. Directed by Sydney Theatre Company resident director Kip Williams and adapted for the stage by Nigel Williams, this is definitely one product that is not worth missing!

“In exploring this story with an all-female cast, we’re offering a radically new opportunity to examine this story’s universal themes of morality, violence, civilisation and animal instinct,” Williams said.