We discuss everything from sex tapes to spiders with one of YouTube’s cutest couples.

Recently I attended a meet-and-greet with YouTube sensations Rose and Rosie hosted by Robyn Exton, founder of social app HER.

For those of you who don’t know Rose and Rosie, they are a married couple who make funny YouTube videos and their legions of fans absolutely adore them.

I had been thinking all week about what to ask the two girls who already have almost their whole lives out there on the internet. It’s difficult to think of questions which haven’t already been answered in one of their popular videos.

So I did the only logical and rational thing and decided on an intense game of Would You Rather in place of an interview, thinking long and hard about how to make the girls crack under pressure but as expected, they came through them with flying colours – and their answers were hilarious. See for yourself…

Would you rather have tongues for fingers or a finger for a tongue?

Rose: Well, if I had tongues for fingers my hands would always be disgusting and wet! And if you had a finger for a tongue when you were angry at someone you could give them the finger without even saying anything or raising your arms.

Rosie: Yeah, I think I’d go for finger for tongue too because on public transport you’d still look normal and could just close your mouth.

Fair points, ladies. Whose prison bitch would you be in Orange Is The New Black?

Rose: I wouldn’t be anyone’s prison bitch.

Rosie: No, I wouldn’t be anyone’s bitch either. In fact, I think Alex would be my bitch.

Rose: If I was anyone’s bitch it would be Crazy Eyes. And we’d get up to the most mischief – she’d throw her pie and I’d catch it in my mouth and it would be a wonderful relationship.

That does sound beautiful. Would you rather bathe in a tub of spiders for an hour on the first day of every month for the rest of your life or would you rather chop off your wife’s baby finger?

Rosie: Chop off my wife’s finger.

[Rose gasps]

Rosie: You don’t need it. And you would do the same to me!

Rose: I haven’t even answered yet. Think about the pain! Don’t you need your little finger for balance?

Rosie: No. That’s your toe.

Moving swiftly on before this gets awkward… Would you rather only ever be allowed to listen to Britney’s Oops I Did It Again on repeat everywhere you go for the rest of your life or never be able to listen to music again?

Rose: I’d listen to Oops I Did It Again – I don’t even need the other option.

Rosie: I’d never listen to music again because I can sing other songs to myself.

Rose: I want to change my answer after thinking about it a bit more because if it’s on whilst I’m sleeping then no, I’d rather never listen to music again.

Poor Britney! Would you rather get a small tattoo on your face or have both your legs and bum covered in tattoos?

Rosie: Small one on my face. Does my lip count? Because I’d get one on the inside of my lip where no one could see.

Rose: I’d take the lip tattoo also. I’d get prison bitch on the inside of my lip.

Clever. Scenario: Cara Delevingne, Kate Middleton and Ruby Rose are all naked waiting for you in different rooms. Which room do you enter?

Rose: Kate Middleton. We’d have a great conversation and I’d say, ‘Kate you’ve covered your greys very well – got any advice for me?’ Right!? It’d be great.

Rosie: I love Kate Middleton but I think I’d get on better with Cara Delevingne. I don’t care about Ruby Rose.

Blasphemy! Would you rather be an ugly genius or a hot and stupid? Be honest.

Rosie: The thing is – it depends if I used my genius for good. Like for example, inventing penicillin again. But the thing is, ignorance is bliss sometimes. If you’re a moron then things don’t bother you as much. You don’t think about life and death and don’t think as deeply.

Rose: Can I use my being a genius money to make myself hot with plastic surgery? Because if so, I’d be a hot genius. But if not, hot dumb-ass.

These ladies are too clever for us. Which one of you is most likely to receive a call from the other from a prison cell and what would be the crime?

Rose: It’d be Rosie.

Rosie: Yeah, it’d definitely be me. Probably for being naughty or drunk and disorderly in public.

Rose: No, I think it’d be for stealing something like Tiffany jewellery. A massive bag full of it.

Rosie: I guess so, yeah. But not anything like killing anyone because that’s just not on – maybe stealing, yeah.

Glad we can all agree that killing is not okay. Would you rather be apart from each other for a year or never eat chocolate again?

[Rose and Rosie answer over each other]

Rose: Never eat chocolate again!

Rosie: Be apart from you.  Oh, that’s what I meant! That’s what I meant! Never eat chocolate again. I mean, I’m vegan so I don’t even eat chocolate.

Rose: It’s too late. You’ve hurt my feelings.

(Awkward) Would you rather only ever be able to travel on your hands and knees or only be able to travel after dark on a London night bus? 

Rose: London bus.

Rosie: I’d go on my hands and knees.

Rose: I’ve never actually been on a London bus…

Good luck to you Rose, good luck to you. Last question – would you rather give a serious speech at this event today about how hard your lives are and how much you hate meet-and-greets followed by a massive meltdown which could possibly end your career, or release a sex tape?

Rosie: Sex tape.

Rose: I’d have a meltdown and then say it was a stunt later to propel my career – everyone needs their crazy moment.

Rosie: No, I’d release the sex tape with filters and editing!

Rose: I’d release the sex tape as long as it was flattering.

I think we were all rooting for the sex tape – top answer!